Why Upload Your Images, Photo’s & Phone Photo’s?

Your Psychic reader will be able to read from the image.


An image captures the energy of a moment in time and your Psychic reader will see insights, hidden meanings and future connections unfold as the meanings reveal themselves

Types of Images You Can Upload

  • Loved ones
  • New date? New meet up?
  • Property
  • Your hand
  • Your star sign
  • Symbols connected to you
  • Old heirlooms

Try It Now!

You have seen how accurate we are in your past connections.

Now imagine for a moment if we had an image uploaded from you to allow us to look at it and focus upon it.

Send us a picture of your

  • Loved one
  • Intended lover or potential lover
  • New date

‘What do they really think of you’? Send the picture!


Have you started chatting to someone from a dating site but not yet met up with them in person?

Send us their picture and explore their intentions.

Will you be a good match?


Uploading a picture makes our Psychics connect to you on a more powerful and insightful level.


Suggestions For Other Pictures You Can Upload 

Your Home

A room in your house – Is your house haunted? Is there a presence? – Send the picture!

Do you feel unease in a certain room?

Do you feel wary or uneasy about a second hand purchase?

Do you feel connection to a family heirloom? Perhaps a ring or jewellery – Send the picture!


Thinking of a new or second hand car? Will it be a good purchase for you? – Send the picture!



Is your friend loyal and true? – Send the picture!


Hand Picture

Send the picture of your hand or that of a friend for a palmistry connection


Had a scan of an unborn baby? What does the future hold, success potential and more! – Send the picture!


Group of friends? Family? Workmates? You and your partner? – Send the picture!

Are You Compatible?

What will your future relationship be? Are they loyal, true and to be trusted? – Send the picture!


Your current pet or a pet that has passed. Is your pet close to you? – Send the picture!


Do You Look Attractive Tonight?

Do you look more attractive than your friends?

Will what you are wearing be well received?

Are you wearing the right colour to suit your aura?

Do your clothes shoes and accessories match your persona?

Have you accessorised your outfit?

Which handbag tonight?   – Send the picture


Text or SMS Message?

Screen shot it and send it as a photo. What does the message really mean? –  Send the picture